The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach


Cpl. Stanley T. Depki

The following was received from Bill Roseboro.

I have received a letter from the sister of Cpl. Stanley T. Depki, a member of the 19th Infantry Regiment, who was KIA on 3 Jan 51.

She is seeking anyone who may have known Stanley, or who might be able to give her information about him.

Stanley was a member of Hq Co.,2n Bn., 19th Infantry Regt. He may have been assigned to Battalion S-2. (The letter from his sister said he was a "member of the Intelligence Section of the 19th Infantry.")

I have a copy of a page from a yearbook printed in Japan (Beppu) in 1949. which lists him as a member of G Company, I9th Infantry in Japan. But he is not among the men listed as going with the initial G Co movement to Korea on 4 July 50, and may have transferred to Hq Co. 2nd Bn. prior to that time.

He was listed as a Pfc on the yearbook page and as Cpl on the KIA list where I found his name. His serial number was an RA number, but with a 27 prefix which indicates he might have entered service as a National Guardsman and transferred later to the Regular Army.

Thank you for any information you may have about Cpl Depki. I will relay it to his sister.

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