The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach


Captain Lawrence L. Thomas

My father, Capt. Lawrence L. Thomas, served with the 24th Infantry Division, 21st Infantry Regiment in Korea. He was born in Minneapolis, MN and moved to Chicago, IL, where enlisted in the Army in June of 1941. He served as an enlisted man until October 1942, when he applied and was selected for Office Candidate School. He served in WWII, and upon discharge he remained in the reserves until April 1953 when he was called up for the Korean War.

 I know he was wounded in Korea but nothing more. My father never spoke of his time in the Army either in WWII or Korea. He passed away in 1998. I remember a few days after he passed my mother received a phone call in reference to a reunion the 24th was planning. She was so distraught at the time she never asked for the name of the person who called.

I have tried off and on the find anyone who may have known him or about him with no luck. I have no pictures of him from his time in the military.

My 15 year old son desires to serve one day in the military. I was hoping that perhaps one day I might find something of his grandfather’s service.

If you can provide me with information about Capt. Thomas, I would certainly appreciate it more than I could express.


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