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24th Recon Company Lost Patrol, July 19, 1950

by Thomas F. Kilfoyle

In going through the list of 24th Division's MIA/POW, and noticed that some members of the 24th Recons are not listed.

I was a member of the Recon. Co. from May 1948 until June 1951 and am providing the full list of MIA/POW from the lost patrol of the 24th Recon, which I have constructed from Company and other Recon MIAs.

On the evening July 19, 1950, a patrol from the 2nd platoon was sent out from Taejon. I was a member of this platoon, but by the grace of God and the kindness of Lt. Kristanoff, was not picked to go on this ill-fated patrol. The patrol was ambushed, and the members were either killed or captured.

 This patrol was made up of the following members and their fates, unless otherwise noted. I have listed them alphabetically.

PFC Robert C. Agard, Jr. MIA, Declared Dead (Listed)
PFC Albert Bellucci MIA, (Not Listed) MIA Same Day as PFC Lesley
PFC Robert R. Blair MIA, (Not Listed)
PFC William T. Boyd MIA, (Not Listed)
SGT Norman R. Fontaine MIA, (Not Listed)
1st LT George Kristanoff Captured/Died in Chinese Prison (Patrol Leader, Listed)
PV2 Robert C. Lacy MIA, Declared Dead Nov.1, 1950 (not with patrol, Listed)
PFC James R. Lesley MIA Aug, 11, 1950 (not with Patrol, Not Listed)
SGT Robert L. Martin MIA, (Not Listed)
PVT David P. Mompher Captured/Died in Chinese Prison (Listed)
CPL Hershell E. Newell MIA/KIA body recovered returned to the US. (Not Listed)
PV2 Frank L. Penwell MIA 09/23/1950 (not Listed, Not with the Patrol)
PFC Clyde D. Steele Captured/Died in Chinese Prison. (Listed)
SGT Hugh A. Townsley MIA, (Not Listed)

 All of the above were with Lt. Kristanoff’s Patrol on July 19, 1950 unless otherwise noted.

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