The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach


Stratton, Robert J.,  POW/MIAs Tuttle, Kenneth & Robertson, Ernest  


1.    Stratton, Robert J., 9999 E. Lincoln Hwy., Bluffton, OH, 45817-8554, Ph: 419-358-2267

Served in 24th Infantry Division, 19th Infantry Regiment, “M” Company, from 1950 - 51

2.    Information about the MIA in your oral history statement


1.      TUTTLE, KENNETH EARL, PVT, POW, M CO, 19 REGT, April 23, 1951

2.     ROBERTSON, ERNEST CLIFFORD, PFC, POW, M CO, 19 REGT, April 23, 1951

Unit:  24th Infantry Division, 19th Infantry Regiment, “M” Company, Machine gun section.

Duty Position/Status : near Yonggok Korea (from morning reports)

Date(s) of oral history event: April 23, 1951.

Detailed description of loss location (place names, landmarks, major terrain features)

The machine gun section of M Company was attached to provide support to K Company on April 23, 1951, near town of Yonggok Korea. During the day we were under continuous shelling by Chinese. Shortly after dusk, the shelling stopped and the Chinese Infantry attacked K company and our M company machine gun support section. Howard Waters was gunner and I was assistant gunner of .30cal water cooled machine gun. We successfully held off the Chinese attackers until we were running out of ammunitions. Section Lt. ? then issued the order to pull out and withdraw back down the hill.  I grabbed the machine gun and ran and rolled down the hill to escape. Of the approximately 20 in our M company machine gun section, only about five of us made it out. Howard was among those missing. I learned that Howard was taken prisoner and was repatriated in 1953. I saw him in Michigan about 6 years ago; sadly he passed away in 2011. I do not personally remember knowing either Tuttle  or Robertson, only that they were from M company  and the machine gun section.

/S/ Robert J. Stratton  January 3, 2012

Distinguished Unit Citation King Company and attached units.

Attachment: William Burson article describing the action referred to above.