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24th Division March and Song

The "Official March and Song of the 24th 'Victory' Division." That's what the 1960's era 45 rpm record jacket says. See the Taro Leaf 62(3) Summer 2008, pages 20-21 for more about this music. 

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The Army Song Words of The Army Song  

The copy below is from The Taro Leaf News of the 24th Infantry Division, Augsburg,
Germany, Saturday, October 1, 1966. It answers some questions I had in 2008.

“After 20 Years Division Song Revived

After a sleep of 20 Years, a brassy musical tribute to the fighting men of the 24th
Infantry Division is stirring the hearts of Taromen once again, and in all likelihood it
will never get another rest.

The song is "The 24th Division March," and it is due for distribution in the near future
on 45 rpm records in post exchanges throughout this area.
But that is only the climax of the story, reached through efforts led by Major General E.
L. Rowny, recently-departed 24th Division commander.

The story began in the uncertain days in early 1950, on the island of Sendai, Japan.
Warrant Officer (jg) James Lambrecht, then division bandmaster, and Corporal Thomas
Moses of the 34th Infantry Regiment penned the original words and music.

Korea Halts Music

The lyrics and tune were being developed when suddenly the call came: Taromen were
dashing for a small Korean village called Taejon to head off hordes of southward-
sweeping Communists. The Korean War was on, and during the preparations for combat several original scoresheets were filed away, where they lay unnoticed until early this year.

Specialist 5 Dennis Morris, director of the former 24th Entertainment Group, found the
sheets and showed them to Chief Warrant Officer Joseph L. Murat, director of the 24th
Division Band. Murat liked the song immediately, although the music was not scored for
band but consisted only of a brief vocal sheet.

Colonel Fariss Hardin, then division chief of staff, wanted General Rowny to hear it
during an upcoming ceremony—only three days away. It left little time for Murat to
make an arrangement and for the full band to rehearse.

Rowny Hears Song

But on schedule, the division band struck up the march for the first time in nearly 20
Years, and Morris sang the accompanying lyrics. Rowny took to the song
enthusiastically. Again Murat sent to work on words and arrangement, and the band
began practice more earnestly than ever: they were headed for a date with a record

The result is the 45 rpm record, featuring the band playing the march on one side, with
the Seventh Army Soldiers' Chorus accompanied by the band on the flip side singing the
vocal version, "The 24th Division Victory Song."
The Taro Booster Association will be in charge of sales, with the sale date scheduled for
October l8th (1966) in local post exchanges.

24th Division Song

Second Verse

All the way from Pearl to Mindanao
Where we stopped aggression's Tide.
As we carried Freedom's Banner Proudly.
Valor set our stride.
Keeping Faith with those before us,
Who have blazed an Honored TraiI.

For all their Courage and their Bavery,
Carried on will never Fail.
We have never asked for glory,
All our glory we have won,

So if there's still a question,
Who the Hell are we.
The 24th Division, Yes the Victory Division
And you don't – Dare Challenge – Me!”

End of Quote

I first became aware of this song in the summer of 2008, when as I was looking through
a significant pile of publications from Paul Cain Plt. Leader K CO, 34th Regiment, in
WWII, I came across a 45 rpm record, labeled “Victory Division!” What happened then is detailed on page 20 of our 24th IDA Taro Leaf, Volume 62, No 3, 2008. Suffice it to say here that we also liked the song and march. So much so that we digitized it from the 45 analog, edited the audio track to remove the pops and hisses and converted it to a CD-Audio Disc. We had some 100 or so copies made and there still should be plenty available from Quartermaster Walter for $5.00.

I had always wondered about Lambrecht and Moses: still am, but pleased that their names do not appear in our online casualty lists.

You may hear the march and song at: http://24thida.com/audio/audio_default.html

You may see the Taro Leaf edition at:


Tom J. Thiel

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