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“My Old Box of Memories; Thoughts of the Korean War” by Bill Allen, a review by Tom J. Thiel“My Old Box of Memories; Thoughts of the Korean War” by Bill Allen

a review by Tom J. Thiel

I do not read very much; have little time to read with so many other things to do. But I do read books written by POW’s when I get them.

Bill Allen is a name that I first came across in 2007 when I was editor of the Taro Leaf. Bill’s good friend Frank Blood submitted an article titled: “19th Regiment Hurdlers Find Each Other After 40 Years!” (The Taro Leaf, Summer-Fall 2007, pg. 38). In it Frank mentioned that Bill had been a POW.

Then in the Winter 2010 issue of the Taro Leaf, pg. 28, Bill wrote that he was “… looking for former members of C Company, 19th Infantry to add to ‘My Old box of Memories, Thoughts of the Korean War.’”

Bill uses the money from book sales to support his projects in helping those in need, active military veterans, abused children and other causes, and spreading the word about the Korean War when he has the opportunity, because so little is known. He has done this to the tune of around $50,000 more or less.

He finished his request by saying: “It is called the Forgotten War, but only by those that didn't "fight it!”

Last November at the joint 5th RCT—Florida 24th IDA Mini-Reunion in St. Augustine, I finally had the good fortune to meet Bill in person. I cannot really describe this meeting because it was so overwhelming and yet so easy. Honest, forthright, pleasant, unassuming—are but a few of the words I can think of to describe Bill. Oh, I also bought a copy of Bill’s “My Old Box of Memories.” Photo of Bill and Helen Allen.

I really cannot adequately review the book more than to say, I could not put it down.

To say that I heartily recommend you obtain your copy is an understatement ($15.00 plus $3.00 shipping and handling to Bill Allen, C. Co 1950-53, 421 4th Ave. N.. Tierra Verde, FL 33715-1730, wallen2{at}tampabay.rr.com, phone 727-866-8337).

I recommend you read the associated Excerpts from My Old Box of Memories and the Tribute Email letter Bill recently received; they will give you an idea of what it is all about.

Tom J. Thiel, 24thidaweb{at}gmail.com, 352-357-3943