The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach


How to Search this Website

This website has no internal search capability. However, the many thousands of pages of the site can be searched for a string of characters by two means, an Internet Search Engine, or a PDF search.

Internet Search Engines

 Internet Search Engines, e.g., Google, Bing, Yahoo, ASK.com, and others, provide the most powerful means of searching the contents of this website.

 Internet search engines are special sites on the Web that are designed to help people find information stored on other sites. There are differences in the ways various search engines work, but they all perform three basic tasks: They search the Internet -- or select pieces of the Internet -- based on important words. They keep an index of the words they find, and where they find them. They allow users to look for words or combinations of words found in that index. More Information on Search Engines

Suppose you are looking for a buddy you served with and wonder if his name might appear on this site.

With Google for example, enter the name you are looking for in the Search Block and then follow that with +"www.24thida.com" exactly as shown including the + sign.

 Google searches all the pages of the website, including all Taro Leaf Publications, all books, all web pages, all PDF files .... everything that has been uploaded to the website.

You will get a list of relevant entries that satisfies the search you submitted, but you will find that not all of them are what you want. Scroll down the page and read the headings. Also note the source of the item retrieved, the last line. Look there for this website address, www.24thida.com or just 24thida,com.

Try it, it works!