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Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach


Sheridan Kaserne, Augsburg, Germany

Below is an image of Sheridan Kaserne in Augsburg during 2005; the image is from Google Earth. Most 24th Infantry Divisions members who served there will recognize the parade field in the middle. From there, they can remember where they were billeted.

Sheridan Kaserne, Augusburg, Germany, 24th Infantry DivisionOn the right side of the parade field was a mess hall and the HQ Support Command during the period of Jan 1964 through Sept 1966. on the left side was a mess hall for the other side of the Kaserne. The main gate was on the right side of the parade field 1" north and 1" to the right side. The 24th Infantry Division was a reserve division in Germany during this time.

I worked in the Transportation Office on Sheridan Kaserne. We had the responsibility to coordinate convoys to the training areas mostly, Hoenfels and Grafenwehr, that operate to this day. We also had the responsibility to get all military freight moving from the 24th Infantry Division back to the USA.

By July 2007, Sheridan Kaserne has been completely torn down, all 163 acres of it. The City of Augsburg is going to convert this land into an industrial park complex and shopping areas.

The only buildings that will remain on Sheridan Kaserne will be the Chapel and the Officers Club building. Other kaserns in Augsburg that have been torn down are Infantry Kaserne, Flak Kaserne, and Gablingen Kaserne. Reese Kaserne is the only Kaserne remaining.

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