The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach


Operation Nomad-3rd Engineers and 5th RCT near Kumsong

 Submitted by Dan Rickert, 3rd Combat Engineers

Tank assualt Kumsong Korea 1951 nomad

Tank attack on Chinese storage bunkers near Kumsong, North Korea in October 1951 during Operation Nomad. Members of the 5th RCT and of the first squad of “D” company, 3rd Combat Engineers accompanied the tank attack.  Sorry I do not know the tank unit.

Photo by Dave Murray, Life #1344, and submitted by Dan Rickert, Life #720, both of the 3rd.

Dan says that they blew up many Communist supplies. He also said they were cut off for a while, but were able to return successfully.

 I’m glad someone got to see Kumsong! (Editor)

The Taro Leaf, Vol 62(4) Fall 2008, pg.15.