The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach


Operation Nomad With the 26th AAA

Pete Magana, 26th AAA, Battery “D”

 Enclosed are two photos taken in Korea. I don’t remember the names of my crew members, but we were supporting the 19th Regiment by spraying the hills in front of them when they moved forward.

Our Quad-fifties had a lot of firepower; 2,400, 50-caliber rounds per minute at maximum. I just hope we saved some lives with our firing support. I don’t remember if this was Operation Nomad (The October 1951 dates align it with Nomad. Ed).

magana quad fifties

October 1951 resting with 24th Infantry, 19th Regiment before we gained ground above the 38th parallel our last time.


I hit my first land mine October 21, 1951. I lost my hearing for about 3 days. We continued fighting on another Half-Track. Hit my second land mine about 4 days later. This time I was sent to a field hospital a.k.a .“M*A*S*H” Unit with a battle causality­ “Wrenched Back.”

Peter Magana, Life # 2203 Staff SGT., 26th AAA, Battery “D” Korea, April 1951 to Jan 1952. 1233 Langford Road Oceanside, CA 92058 petemagana[at]ngif.org,   Ph: 760-757-6276     

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