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“Love” 19th, Operation Nomad

by Howard Camp, Life Member #1765

Enclosed are copies of Company “L” 19th Regiment, Morning Reports of October 13-15, 1951, and a little later. These cover the period that I was involved in Operation Nomad. You will notice on the first page (portion copied below left) that Company “L” jumped off into attack at 06:30 AM hours on Saturday, October 13

camp morning report

Four enlisted men were wounded, and Hector Rodriques was Killed In Action, on October 13. We took 23 prisoners.

On Sunday, October 14, 1951, we proceeded again in the attacking of our objectives. We captured another 15 prisoners.

camp morning report

Between October 13 and 15, Hector Rodriques, Joe Blevins, Wayne Holland, Louis Kelly, Henry Parker and Ben Yates were all Killed in Action, and nigh onto fifty two or more were Wounded in Action including yours truly on the 14th (see arrow below).

Love Company, as did all of the Regiment and Division, suffered some heavy losses during Operation Nomad.

I was away from the Company until the first week of January 1952 (which accounts for the existence of MRs for only this period of October 1951), when I was returned to action with Love Company.
I know that you cannot place all these Morning Reports in the Taro Leaf, but you can mention the young boys that lost their lives.

Howard W. Camp
430 South Stadium Dr.
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The Taro Leaf, Vol 62(4) Fall 2008, pg.31.