The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach




WHERE: I-385 MILE MARKERS: 22 through 34

Many highways in America have been named for Veterans of the various wars, and that of course, is appreciated by our Veterans. However, we here in South Carolina are doing something that we believe is a first. Please let me know if that’s not the case.

Acting upon the request of the Foothills Chapter 301 of the KOREAN WAR VETERAN’s ASSOCIATION (KWVA), the South Carolina General Assembly passed a resolution naming a twelve (12) stretch of I-385, both East Bound and West Bound, for Veterans of all of our 20th and 21st century wars.

What makes this unique is a two (2) mile section of the twelve (12) miles will be name for Veterans of WW I, WW II, the Korean War, the Viet Nam War, the Gulf War, and the Undeclared Wars. (click to enlarge)

Signs will be erected in honor of the Veterans of each war beginning at Mile Marker 22 with a sign for WWI Veterans, Mile Marker 24 for WWII Veterans, Mile Marker 26 for Korean War Veterans, Mile Marker 28 for Viet Nam Veterans, Mile Marker 30 for the Gulf War Veterans, and Mile Marker 32 for Veterans of the Undeclared Wars.

To really make this unique, before entering the twelve (12) mile stretch of this very busy Interstate Highway, large signs, both east bound and west bound, will be erected informing travelers that they are “ENTERING THE “VETERANS CORRIDOR OF HONOR.”  

By law, the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) is not allowed to pay for the signs. THIS IS NOT AN APPEAL FOR DONATIONS. I am pleased to report that the Foothills Chapter 301 of KWVA assumed the responsibility for raising the necessary funds. The support and outpouring of South Carolinians was beyond belief. Almost everyone who was asked to contribute did. We had people calling and asking; “where do I send my check?” We had the necessary funds within a week.

The signs have been manufactured, are on hand, and are ready to be installed. We are planning an “UNVEILING” ceremony for SEPTEMBER 5, 2014 at 10:00AM. We hope to have Veterans of the wars present, either at the sign of the war in which they served, or at the beginning of the twelve mile stretch of I-385 (either East Bound or West Bound) where the sign that informs the driving public that they are “ENTERING THE VETERANS CORRIDOR OF HONOR.” Of course no WW I veterans are alive today. We hope to have relatives of WW I Veterans present to represent them and celebrate with us.