The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach


24th IDA Honor Roll

The 24th Division Honor Roll, a file maintained by Wes Morrison, is being added incrementally. If you have any questions about the Honor Roll and the data it contains, please contact Mr. Morrison at 831-883-2156 or by email at WesM8[at]aol.com.

The 24th Infantry Division in WWII.

  1. Arranged in Last Name - First Name order.
  2. Arranged by Unit and then by Last Name order.

The 24th Infantry Division in the Korean War.

  1. Arranged in Last Name-First Name order.
  2. Arranged in Date of Casualty-Last & First Name order.
  3. Arranged in Unit-Last & First Name order.
  4. Arranged in Unit-Date-Last & First Name order.
  5. Table Footnotes common to all the above tables.

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