The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach


Minutes of 22 September 2007 Corporate Convention

60th Annual Reunion, Courtyard Columbia at USC, Columbia, South Carolina

 Meeting called to order by President Spicer at 0940 hours. Pledge of Allegiance given to the Flag. Prayer was given by Chaplain Carpenter.

 Attendance was taken and 75 members were present.

 Secretary/Treasurer (Secy/Treas) Maggio read the minutes of the 2006 Corporate Convention. A motion was made by George Vlasic and seconded by Edwin Leak to accept the minutes as read. The motion passed by unanimous voice vote.

 Secy/Treas Maggio presented the financial reports. A motion was made by Jakie Cauble and seconded by Harley Joseph to accept the report as read. The motion passed by unanimous voice vote.

 Punch Bowl:

  1.  Committee Chairman Dan Rickert congratulated the membership for making the project a success.
  2.  He acknowledged the help of Committee Members Sal Schillaci, Ken Fetner, Bill Boyden, Eric Diller, and Billy Johnson was voted to award. He also mentioned Rock of Ages Quarry and Stone Art Memorial for their enormous contribution of the fine quality granite and mounting of the plaque. He noted that not only did DHL ship the memorial to Hawaii but they also delivered it to the VA at the Punch Bowl.
  3.  Dan reviewed the dedication ceremony and complimented those who participated. It was all captured on film and is available on DVD.
  4.  He said his inspiration to begin this project began while he was attending the 50th anniversary of the 5th RCT reunion and saw that unit’s memorial at the Punch Bowl

New Business:

a.    Reunions:

  1.  Wes Morrison, Reunion Coordinator, reminded everyone that the 2008 reunion will be held at the Hawthorne Hotel in Springfield, MO, from September 17 – 21, 2008.
  2.  He then announced the 2009 reunion will be held at the holiday Inn Rushmore Plaza in Rapid City, South Dakota from September 9 – 13, 2009. Ease of transportation, free parking and airport shuttle, total cost and sites to visit were the main reasons for choosing this location and facility.
  3.  Wes asked members to help promote the 24th IDA reunions in their local papers.
  4.  He also asked for everyone to give him their e-mail addresses so he could communicate with them more effectively.

b.    President Spicer introduced the new Taro Leaf Editor, Tom Thiel. Tom asked for material and stories from the membership and for someone to help as his Assistant Editor to provide help in editing copy and to preclude a lapse in publishing.

c.    President Spicer announced that Byrd Schrock volunteered to put information about the Association on the internet during the next year.

d.    Keith Hagen, Nominating Committee Chairman, presented the slate of officers.

  1. Committee Members were: David Valley, Bill Hosler, David Rives and Jakie Cauble.
  2. All current officers agreed to accept nominations for their current offices again this year. Roger Mitten, Vice President, later informed he would withdraw his name if it was deemed appropriate due to his current health problem.
  3.  Chairman Hagen asked for nominees from the floor. Tom Thiel nominated Mel Frederick as Vice President to fill in for Roger Mitten if his health fails and he cannot fulfill his office. Joe O’Connell seconded this nomination.
  4.  A motion was made by Albert McAdoo and seconded to close nominations.
  5.  Wes Morrison moved to amend the motion to elect Mel Frederick as Assistant Vice President and Pete Arroyu seconded the amendment. The motion to amend was passed by voice vote. The motion to close nominations was passed by a show of hands.
  6.  Chairman Hagen then asked for nominations from the floor for President and Secretary/Treasurer. There were none. A motion was made and seconded to accept the slate as presented. The motion passed by a show of hands.

President Spicer announced that get well cards for Roger Mitten, Billy Johnson, and Dorothy Lloyd were being passed around for signatures.

 Wes Morrison read a letter from the Retired Enlisted Men’s’ Association congratulating the 24th IDA on its efforts.

 Glenn Carpenter, Jr. asked for comments on the Reunion Donation program. There were none.

 Merry Helm reported on her progress in obtaining the Congressional Medal of Honor for Woodrow Wilson Keeble, her research of “Operation Nomad,” and a data base of all members who had earned awards, the date of issue, and actions from General Orders.

 Bill Roseboro congratulated Merry Helm on her efforts concerning Keeble and assisting the 19th Infantry Regiment Company G.

 A motion and second for adjournment were made. The motion passed by members rising. President Spicer adjourned the meeting at 1048 hours.

 By Donald Maggio, Secy-Treas