The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach


2008 Corporate Convention Minutes

61st Annual Reunion, Springfield, Missouri, September 20, 2008

Meeting called to order by President Spicer at 8:45 A.M. Pledge of Allegiance led by President Spicer. Prayer offered by Chaplain Carpenter. Fifty-three were in attendance.

Absence of Secretary/Treasurer: President Spicer reported that Sec/ Treas Maggio had been advised by his physician to not attend. He asked Editor Thiel to take the minutes

Minutes of 2007 Convention: V.P. Mel Frederick read the minutes of the 2007 Corporate Convention. Dir. Morrison said that the 2009 Convention at Rapid City, SD will not be at the Holiday Inn due to difficulties dealing with the hotel. Motion and second to accept with correction; motion passed. (Note: the hotel will be the Best Western Ramikota Hotel in Rapid City, SD.)

Financial Report: Pres. Spicer apologized because he did not have the current report. Reporting waived.

How Different Things Would Be: Pres. Spicer read with much emotion a few lines from a very special article supporting our troops in Iraq. His son is serving there now.

Bolo Tie From Keeble’s Family: While attending the MOH Woody Keeble Memorial Ceremony, Pres. Spicer had been given a bolo tie by Keeble’s family. He entered this in a  drawing to be awarded by lottery to one of those in attendance who knew and served with Keeble. The tie was won by Al Moore.

President’s Award to Merry Helm: President Spicer then read a resolution awarding Merry Helm of Fargo, ND, a special President’s Award and plaque made at his own expense, acknowledging Ms. Helm’s vital role in researching, writing and promoting the Medal of Honor for Woody Keeble.

Tom Thiel then asked to be recognized to speak in support of the President’s Award and offered a motion enabling the members to recognize Ms. Helm with Association Honorary Membership. He based his argument on the following: 1) Ms. Helm had given up a promising career in Public TV/Radio to follow the Keeble award effort; 2) without her effort in all likelihood the award would not have materialized; 3) Pres. Spicer had asked for BoD approval, which was declined by the Past Presidents; and 4) he believed that the members have final voice based on the Association’s Constitution and Robert’s Rules of Order. Mario Iezzoni seconded the motion, and spoke in support of Ms. Helm’s contributions and the motion.

 Dir. Morrison objected on two points: 1) the BoD had agreed to discontinue all Honorary Memberships because of some past management problems, and 2) the Bylaws state that Honorary Members must be approved by the BoD. There was extensive discussion, and reading appropriate portions of the Bylaws.

Iezzoni and Thiel then reluctantly withdrew their second and motion, respectively; members did not vote on the question.

Special Constitution and Bylaws Review Committee: A recommendation then came from the floor for a Special Committee to review the Constitution and Bylaws. President Spicer asked for volunteers; the following responded: Dan Rickert, Joe McMahon, Mario Iezzoni, Dan Cretaro, and Tom Thiel. He appointed the above as members of the Special Committee, with Thiel as Chair.

Reunions: President Spicer announced that the 2009 Reunion will be in Rapid City, SD (at the Best Western Ramikota Hotel); and that the 2010 Reunion will be in the Buffalo, NY area.

Nominating Committee Report and Election of New Officers: President Spicer read the Nominating Committee (Keith Hagen, Chair, Thiel, Rickert, Rives and McFarland) recommendations. They were: for President; Mel Frederick; for V.P., Sal Schillaci; and for Sec./Treas, None (the committee could find no one). He announced that current Sec./Treas. Maggio will stay on until a replacement can be found (will advertise in the Taro Leaf), or until the 2009 Reunion. A call was then made for nominations from the floor; when none was offered, Thiel moved that nominations be closed and Ed Leak seconded. Frederick, Schillaci, and Maggio were then elected by a show of hands.

Editor’s Report: Editor Thiel gave a status report on the Taro Leaf, and its costs. The first issue he did, Vol 61(1&2) Punch Bowl Memorial cost $5.24/copy despite the fact that he used all the same criteria as the previous editor. The “Johnson Issue” 61(3&4) cost $4.68, and the Japanese Flag issue 62(1) cost $4.39. He then changed printers to Leesburg Printing, FL, and produced the Keeble issue 62(2), which cost $3.40/copy, and the 24th Song and March issue, 62(3) that cost $2.56/copy. This latter was half black and white. He stated this is about the lowest cost we can achieve without further lessening the publication. He expects to limit all copies to 48 pages, of which at least half will be black and white (like the last issue). Finally, he said that the Association should begin thinking now about a new editor; he needs to slow down.

2009 Member Drawing: Chaplain Carpenter reported that the Aloha Night drawing for 2009 will be ten prizes of $400 each.

Open Discussion/New Business: There were several comments from the floor. One suggested that the Taro Leaf be by subscription, and another suggested that Life Member dues be raised. Noted but no action was taken.

Adjournment: President Spicer adjourned the meeting at 11:00 A.M.

Submitted by: Tom J. Thiel