The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach


The 24th Website, www.24thida.com

by Tom J. Thiel, Webmaster, 19147 Park Place Blvd., Eustis, FL  32736-7262, 352-357-3943 24thidaweb[at]gmail.com

The 24th IDA Website is operating very well. It has now grown to 530 MB and contains 1,821 files. A file can be any picture or document or web page, and it can vary from a single photograph or page of text to an entire book.

Largest repository of 24th Infantry Division information on Internet!

Books added:

  • “South to the Naktong, North to the Yalu,” by Roy Appleman; 852 pages, one file
  •  "Children of Yesterday, The 24th Infantry Division In World War II,” by Jan Valtin, 429 pages
  •  "24th Forward, A Pictorial History of the Victory Division in Korea" (1952) book,  375 pages
  •  So, those three files alone contain 1,656 or so pages

Estimate, guestimate, that there are somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 pages, illustrations and photographs on the website.

POW/MIA information.

  • Special POW/MIA Taro Leaf
  • The list of the 1,005 lost 24th ID members in alphabetic and date order in addition to the single one published
  •  This facilitates looking for a single individual, or for casualties by date
  •  Begun building stories of member responses

Taro Leaf Publication

  • Vol 01, No 01, the initial Taro Leaf from August 1947
  •  Many others from then through 2003
  •  Beginning with 2004 through today it has all published Taro Leafs
  •  I have many prior to 2003 but need to scan them, which takes time and effort
  •  These all have the full text of the document, and if published in color they are retained in color
  •  The full text is searchable with Google or Bing Search engines

Member’s Stories

  • Members have written stories of their unique, first-hand experiences that are not published anywhere else,
  • One of my main motivations for doing the site—to get these to audience >> 2,100 members
  •  Approached librarians, The LoC, on how best to achieve
  •  All advised me to put it on the World Wide Web
  •  So, that is what I did
  •  Eighty+ stories by 24th IDA members on the site
  •  Continue building these yet today

Association Honor Roll by Wes Morrison

  • Very valuable and unique information, much appreciated
  •  5th RCT and WWII
  • Wes is working on Korean War
  •  Look forward to the time when Wes has it finished


  • Quartermaster
  •  Membership Application

Finding items on our website

  • No capability from inside the site
  •  But very “findable” from the outside – any word or string of characters anywhere on the site will be found with a general Google or Bing search!
  •  Every time I search for 24th specific information our site is included high among the websites retrieved
  •  often will be the first several listings!
  •  We are out there in the world and people are finding us!

Encourage all members to find a way to view it

  • You really should know what is on “your site”
  •  First hand, or
  •  Via a relative or perhaps at your local library
  •  You will be proud I think
  •  Just enter www.24thida,web in your browser and follow the menus

Association owns the site

  • Unlike a previous 24th IDA site
  •  Lunar Pages.com. The Domain Name ~ $20.00 per year and the Host Site (where the site is actually stored) ~ $85.00 per year.
  • Sec Dunn has the passwords and access codes.
  • Created and maintain with my copy of Microsoft Expression Web 4.0 on my computer
  •  Upload additions and changes to Lunar pages hostcomputer
  •  EW 4 creates a standards-compliant website so anyone could take over in the future should I no longer be able.

Material for the site

  • Always want more material,
  •  But I now have material that has not yet been loaded.


  •  David Valley, Editor, and
  • Merry Helm, Historian,
  • both freely share material, which is a first for the Association at least since I have become involved with it.  

Tom Thiel, Webmaster