The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach


2012 Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes

24th Infantry Division Association, Board Meeting, September 18, 2012, Holiday Inn, New Orleans, LA

Meeting called to order by President Schillaci at 9:00 a.m.

Attendees: John Klump, Gene Spicer, Mel Frederick, Keith Hagen, Tom Appler, Sal Schillaci, Glen Carpenter, and Don Maggio  The quorum requirement was satisfied.

Chaplain Carpenter opened the meeting with a prayer


Louisville 2013:

Gene Spicer presented tour options, hotel and transportation cost estimates for the 2013. Annual meeting September 22 through 25, 2013. Holiday Inn cost will be $77/night with free parking and free airport shuttle. Discussion about certain aspects of the contract followed and Gene will work with Mike Frederick to obtain changes to the contract

Omaha 2014:

The Board recommended presenting Omaha 2014 to membership. Don Maggio passed out information and hotel proposal obtained by Loyal Vincent and the Board recommended that Mike Frederick also negotiate rates and contract with the hotel


The Board recommended we find a location central to all members for 2015 and the future. Mike Frederick was asked to run a centroid analysis based on member Zip Codes to find a centrally located tier two city. There may result several cities within the central area that would be acceptable and utilized so members do not tire of one location. The Board recommend looking at Branson, MO as the next site.

Reunion Contact:

While fielding inquiries about this year’s reunion, Mike Frederick received a lot of calls not specific to the reunion. It was agreed that Tom Appler, Director‐at‐Large ‐ Membership would be the contact person listed in notices put in veterans’ publications. Tom would be able to answer non‐reunion questions and direct callers to the appropriate person for further information. He could also recruit those callers who are not members of the Association. George Vlasic will place notices in those publication again for the reunion in 2014.


Mel Frederick suggested we contact organizers of the various mini‐reunions and affiliated groups (19th Infantry Regiment, et al) to encourage them to join the 24th IDA at the annual reunions. The thought is to increase the number of participants and be able to obtain better room, tour, and banquet prices; thereby reducing the cost to attend.

The Board allocated $2,000 for use by Tom Appler and George Vlasic to place announcements about the Association in various publications in order to recruit more members.

The Board also recommended we look at the percent of Life Members relative to total members to see if an assessment for additional revenue might be warranted.

We should also consider increasing the annual dues from $15 to a higher amount. The VFW and American Legion charge from $30 to $35 dollars for annual membership.

A motion to adjourn was made seconded; It was passed by voice vote.

Don Maggio