The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach


Sergeant Charles E. Mower

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

A Company, 34th Infantry Regiment

3 November 1944

Near Capoocan, Leyte

Sergeant Mower, an assistant squad leader, was participating in an attack against a strongly defended Japanese position which was situated along both sides of a stream that ran through a wooded gulch. As the squad moved forward through intense enemy fire, the squad leader was killed and Sergeant Mower took charge. He led his men across the stream, but was severely wounded before making it all the way. After halting his unit, he realized that his exposed position was the best place from which to direct the attack and he stood fast. Gravely wounded and lying half submerged in the stream, he refused to seek cover or to accept aid of any kind. Shouting and signaling instructions to his squad, he directed them in the destruction of two enemy machineguns and the killing of of numerous enemy rifleman. The remaining Japanese concentrated their fire at Sergeant Mower, who was killed while still directing his men forward.

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