The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach


Melvin O Handrich*HANDRICH, MELVIN O.


On Oct. 3, 2013, we received a comment from Albert McAdoo, 5th RCT Historian, Founder, and Past President, and 24th IDA Past President, pointing out that at the time of SGT. Handrich's actions, the 5th RCT was attached to the 25th Infantry Division, and that, therefore, the 24th IDA has erroneously been showing SGT. Handrich's MOH. Al goes on to say that the 5th did not join the 24th until 21 Sep 1950.See: "The 5th RCT in Korea: the Pusan Perimeter Battles, 1950," McAdoo and Marshall, Chapter 7, page 91.

In researching the background of how it came to be that the 24th IDA came to include SGT. Handrich among its MOH recipients, the first reference I could locate was not in our Association documents, but rather in the book: "24th Forward," which was published by Troop Information & Education, 24th Infantry Division Headquarters (I ordered my copy at Camp Stoneman, CA, in March or April 1952 as I processed through there on my way home from Korea and received it shortly thereafter-tjt). That is the copy included in this website.

SGT. Handrich is one of the 24th Division's eight MOH recipients listed in that book!

Additionally, the last page of that book is a letter from then 24th IDA Association President, Kenwood Ross. So, the "mistake" the 24th IDA has made began in the 24th Division, and not in the Association. Clearly, however, it started with President Ross, and was perpetuated ever since by all of us who have served the 24th Association.

SGT. Handrich is listed among the 25th Infantry Division's MOH recipients.

SGT. Handrich's Wickipedia entry shows him as a member of the 1st Cavalry Division. However, he is not listed among the 1st Cav's MOH recipients.

We do not question that SGT. Handrich was with the 25th Infantry Division at the time of his action, but since he has been shown with the 24th's MOH recipients by the Division and by the Association, we will continue to carry him on this website with this additional explaination.     SGT. Handrich's Citation.