The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach


The Association’s “Honor Roll” Book

At the last Reunion, the surviving spouse of a deceased member looked for her husband’s listing in the “Honor Roll” book displayed at the Memorial Banquet.
Not finding his name in the book, she enquired about why it was not there. The purpose of this brief article is to explain how the Association’s Official Honor Roll has evolved with time and technology.

As you well know from the size of the TAPS section of the Taro Leaf, the number of our members departing this earth is ever increasing. What this has meant is that the traditional or historic Honor Roll Book has evolved to become a “Symbolic Honor Roll Book,” kept by the Chaplain to be used only for the ceremony at the Reunion’s Memorial Banquet. No names have been added to it for a number of years now.

Symbolic 24th IDA Honor Roll

"Symbolic Honor Roll” book at the 2007 Annual Reunion—Photo by Walt Daugherty

This does not, however, mean that the Association does not maintain its Honor Roll.

With newer computer technologies, the Official Association Honor Roll is now maintained as a computer file, with annual printouts made and displayed at the Reception Room at each annual reunion (see photo of one page below left).

Because it is a computer file, printouts may be arranged in different formats. For example, the copy on display in the Hospitality Room at the Springfield Reunion had five sections: 1) those Killed in Action or Died of Wounds during WWII (1,483), 2) Korea (4,065), 3) Desert Storm (14), 4) all others who have passed away for reasons other than combat (Non-Battle Deceased-3,099), and 5) those who have passed away since the last reunion (75).

Each time a new name is received, it is entered on the Master Honor Roll, and also on the appropriate sub-roster. Please note that this Honor Roll is not limited to Association Members, but includes anyone eligible to be an Active Member.

Computerized Honor Roll

Above: Photo of the present-day “Honor Roll” on display in the Hospitality Room at the Springfield Reunion; Past President Morrison maintains and prints this version. Photo by the Editor.

This Official Association Honor Roll is maintained by Past President Wes Morrison on his personal computer in Marina, CA. To ensure that it is secure, frequent copies of this file are to be stored off site from Mr. Morrison’s computer with the Secretary-Treasurer.

We sincerely appreciate the extra effort Mr. Morrison devotes to maintaining the Association’s Official Honor Roll, and hope that this article will allay any possible future concerns. The spouse mentioned above was relieved to learn that her husband is indeed listed in the Association’s Official Honor Roll!

The Taro Leaf, Vol. 63(1) Winter 2009, pg. 11.