The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach


34th Infantry Regiment

Children of Yesterday, by Jan Valtin
34th in Wikipedia
34th Infantry Regiment (in 34th Infantry Division)
The Thirty Fourth Infantry Regiment On Corregidor by Paul J. Cain Company Commander, I CO, 34th Inf. Regt.
34th Infantry Regiment, Dec 13, 1944 to Nov 23, 1946 Wallace “Dog” Yahn, “G” Company.
Jungle Grapevine, by Bill McKenna, “A” Company, 34th Infantry Regiment 
My “Occupation” of Japan, 1946-47, Don Van Beck
15th Anniversary Book, 24th Infantry Division
Talomo Beach by Jack Jorgensen, Life Member # 795.*A Book Review by the Editor
A loving look back at my father, Edward J. Hagan, by Beth Hagan
 UNFORGETTABLE IS THE WORD FOR HIM (MOH Harold Moon), by Aubrey S. Newman
Independence Day 1945, Mindanao, The Philippines by Douglas Thornton, B Company, 34th
1st Platoon, Company “A”, 1st Battalion, 34th Infantry Regiment, on July 31, 1950  Jerry Brown
The 24th in Korea July 1955 to October 1956 by Glenn Richardson, “F” 34th Infantry