The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach


2011 Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes

24th Infantry Division Association, Board Meeting, September 20, 2011, Holiday Inn, Fairborn, Ohio

Meeting called to order by President Schillaci at 9:00 a.m.

: From left, clockwise: Dan Rickert, Dir. Gene Spicer, George and Nancy Vlasic, John Burgess, Tom Appler, Director at Large Loyal Vincent, Sec/Treas. John Dunn, Chaplain Glen Carpenter, Nominations Chair Keith Hagen, President Sal Schillaci, Webmaster Tom Thiel, VP Don Maggio, and Director Mel Frederick. The quorum requirement was satisfied.

Finance Report & Membership, Sec/Treas Dunn: The Association is financially sound with Total Assets of $80,925.01, up some $3,000 from the $77,239.26 reported last year.  Neither year included the Quartermaster Report. (2011 Financial Report).

We recorded 66 new members this year and suffered a loss of 67, most of which were due to member death. There were 19 new Life Members. Mr. Dunn reported that about 60 percent of new members were received via the Association’s web site.

Taro Leaf: A proposal was offered to mail the Taro Leaf to VA Centers, but was not accepted due to the costs.

Advertising Reunion in Veterans Publications: George Vlasic agreed to submit information about 2012 Reunion to appropriate publications, e.g., VFW, Am Legion, etc.

Membership Committee Chair: It was agreed that this position be given to the newly elected Board Member at Large.

Future Reunions:

There was much discussion about future reunions. Locations considered were those approved by the membership at Buffalo, those suggested via the Taro Leaf, and new ones proposed. Primary consideration was given to locations in the central U.S. with direct airport access (no puddle jumpers).

The Board moved, seconded and approved recommending the following to the Membership Meeting to be held Wednesday morning.

  • 2012        New Orleans      September 23-26
  • 2013        Louisville            September 22-25
  • 2014        Omaha              TBD

A motion was approved to eliminate the Aloha Banquet in an effort to reduce over-all costs.

It was also agreed that we will continue to use the Reunion Brat. VP Maggio is to be the primary contact with the Brat.

Nominating Committee Report: Mr. Hagen reported that the Committee recommended renewing current incumbents for the President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer, and to replace the current DAL Loyal Vincent (who did not wish to renew) with Tom Appler, who was at the meeting and agreed to serve.

Web Site Report: Webmaster Thiel reported on the status of the web site (attached).

Constitution and Bylaws Changes: Mr. Thiel, Chair of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, asked for and received the Board’s endorsement to approach the members at the Corporate Convention to add the underlined below to the definition of Associate Membership to the Constitution Convention at the Wednesday Member meeting: “a.  Associate Membership: (i) The spouse, parent, child, sibling or surviving spouse of any person eligible to be an Active Member; or (ii) Any person with a legitimate interest in the affairs of the Corporation not otherwise eligible to be an Active Member who wishes to support its aims and agrees to accept the terms and conditions set forth in the Constitution and Bylaws.

POW/MIA Special Publication:

Thiel reported on the recently published Special POW/MIA Taro Leaf. Response to this has been great, and has resulted in many contacts with knowledge of persons and/or events. In addition material has been collected for both the website and Taro Leaf. He mentioned some of the calls he received; in addition Merry Helm and Don Maggio are also receiving calls.

Thiel gave President Schillaci a proposed proclamation to be read at the Wednesday Awards Banquet wherein the Association recognize Mel Frederick for his underwriting the $1,500.00 cost of Special POW/MIA Taro Leaf.

Medal of Honor Memorial: There was much discussion of the status of the Memorial. The granite is finished, as is much of the memorial itself.  However, the status of efforts to place the memorial in Arlington National Cemetery are back to the starting gate since Congressman Lee has resigned. President Schillaci reported a contact in the Pentagon, as well as plans to visit ANC to photograph existing memorials. Past President Frederick said that these latter are urgently needed to include with our letters to Congress. Thiel reported that there is a page on the website devoted to this but that it desperately needs to be brought up to date. He also reported on the results of his efforts with Frank DeToma of Senator Bill Nelson’s office; Mr DeToma said that the Association needs to flood/pressure Congress on this very worthwhile project.

Association Membership Database: Thiel briefly reported on the need to modernize the Association’s Membership database to modernize it from the current Works sheet to an online database that would be accessible by Officers and others on a need to know basis. He is exploring alternatives now to determine systems and costs.

Adjourn: approximately 12:00 noon.

John Dunn, Sec/Treas