The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach


Florida 24th IDA Group

The Florida 24th IDA is a group of Florida Association members that has been getting together for lunch on a quarterly basis. They held their first quarterly luncheon at the Golden Corral in Leesburg on July 1, 2009, where they decided to continue getting together regularly.

Since then we have held 32 luncheons with attendance as high as 60 to as low as nine. Attendees have come from mostly central Florida with some having come from Miami on the South to throughout the Eastern half of the US.

Another goal has been the creation of a SE U.S. Reunion similar to the West Coast Reunion. After all Florida ranks second in the number of members at 167, second only to California with 175. However, we have not been able to put together a Reunion Team. And the Luncheons are great in themselves!

 "FL 24th IDA Vets" and other reports tell our story:        Univ. Central Florida Veterans History Project

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Florida 24th IDA Annual Mini-Reunion

Because of lack of a mini-reunion committee, over-all declines in reunion attendance, and mutual interests, we decided to accept the invitation of the 5th Regimental Combat Team (RCT) in holding an annual Florida Mini-Reunion. Called the Annual 5th RCT/Florida 24thIDA Mini-Reunion, and managed by Bill Kane and Tony Polemeni, we have held three joint reunions annually starting in 2010. However they were canceled in 2012 due to lack of participation.

Mini-Reunions-5th RCT/24th IDA Annual Mini-reunion:    2010    2011    2012