The 24th Infantry Division Association

Founded August 1945 on a Philippine Island beach



Compiled By: Larry W. Gay, George Company, 19th Infantry Regiment. 24th Infantry Division Historian, 2004-2009.

There has been no online index to the Taro Leaf publications that have been uploaded to the website. Fortunately, Larry Gay, Division Historian 2004-09, compiled in Excel format an index of those items in our Taro Leaf publications that in Mr. Gay's subjective judgment were of significance to include in the index. It also provides so far as is known the only index of actual Taro Leaf publications, themselves. So, much thanks to Larry!

So, how can you use this index? You could print it out, but be aware that it is nearly 100 pages long. You may also view it online.

I prefer using Acrobat Reader's SEARCH (or FIND) capacity. Once you have opened the Index enter a search term in the Find field. If for example you are looking for Taro Leafs that have something about our former President Billy Johnson, then enter those two words in the Find field and hit enter. It will quickly find there are nine such entries. From there you need to note the year of issue and the page cited. Then hit the back button two times and find the matching Taro Leaf it the table of Taro Leafs (yes, this link could be provided, and may be at some future date). Once you have retrieved the desired issue you will have to get to the page inside that Taro Leaf on your own.

The first page explains all the column parameters; the remaining pages are the actual index. 

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